Company overview

Cleveland Marine Coatings is built on the reputation and capability of the Cleveland Marine Group, which was established in Cleveland, Queensland, by John Ellers in 2015 The business was initially focused on boat sales, servicing, repairs, spare parts, marine chandlery and marine engine diagnostics. Queensland Marine offers in-vessel servicing and repairs from a fully stocked marine mechanical workshop based in Cleveland and centrally located close to the Raby Bay Marina The workshop stocks over 12,000 fastener line items, over 3,000 in marine grade stainless steel, as well as 1500-line items in the marine chandlery With the servicing and repair business booming – and demanding needs for coating to withstand extremes of fuel, heat, sun, salt spray, impact and vibration, it was logical to extend services to the marine coatings market where corrosion and marine fouling is a major challenge. In 2017 John joined forces with former work colleague Brock Hill, who has 35 years’ experience in formulation chemistry with an emphasis on corrosion management. With a background in engineering consulting for the oil and gas and mineral processing sectors, Brock has previously worked with major Australian paint companies in the development of MIOX industrial coatings and Pearlescent coatings. With his interest in nano-technology, he has been instrumental in maintaining CMCs specialist expertise in this rapidly developing area. These newly developed materials provide superior corrosion resistance in the demanding areas of offshore oil & gas, as well as the corrosive and hostile chemical environments encountered in the hydrometallurgy and mineral processing industries. Brock has experience in the corrosive environments encountered in hydrometallurgy, quarrying, industrial minerals, fertilizers and wastewater treatment. In the same year, Malcolm Paterson joined the group to expand CMC-Coatings market penetration to the mining and mineral processing sector, where he has 35 years’ experience in asset protection and management . Mal’s experience as a Mechanical Engineer extends to Senior project and asset management within the steel, coal, marine ports and oil and gas sectors for companies including BHP Engineering, Aka Kvaerner and numerous others. Len Lyons rounds off the skill set with 30 years of advanced composite engineering, built on his expertise as an advanced boat builder and with experience in the composite sector with the international Huntsman Chemical Group. Len has worked extensively on developments in spirally woven FRC as well as epoxies, phenolic and other plastic and resin systems. He provides problem solving capability for industrial clients with industrial coatings challenges, where he excels.